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Helping Developers move towards building high-quality energy-efficient homes for a greener future

According to UK Government National Statistics, residential properties make up 15% of the UK total climate emissions. We want to help to lower this and reward our clients who are trying to do the same.

Our lender has a joint venture with Homes England who provides support for discounted interest rates.

Key features:

​Min Loan size

£1 million

Max Loan size

£2 million

Max initial LTV







Up to 36 months

Rates from £1m-£5m


Rates from £5 m plus


Arrangement fee

Up to 1%

*denotes before the discount

Homes that achieve a SAP score of 92 and above (EPC: A) will receive a 2% discount on the interest rate.

Homes that achieve a SAP score of 85 and above (EPC: B) will receive a 1.25% discount on the interest rate.

Benefit from initial free of charge, expert advice from sustainability consultants. They will help you to understand how to deliver high EPC homes and the costs and practicalities of doing so.

Energy Efficiency Rating
Energy Efficiency Rating

Green Development Finance
Green Development Finance

Author: Aakash Nagrani - Director 

Aakash Nagrani Author
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