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Capital Allowances Reclamation

Commercial property owners can often achieve significant tax rebates and/or tax reliefs, equating to around 20% of the original purchase price they paid.

It is a fact that around 80% of all commercial property owners are unaware they are entitled to what can often be significant capital allowances in relation to their property purchase (whenever it might have purchased).

Accelerated has partnered with renowned tax experts in this area and provide a FREE AUDIT of commercial property/s, in order to assess entitlement to allowances.

Following their audit, if it transpires there are no claims to be made, or if there are but HMRC does not agree to them, there is NO CHARGE for the audit service – so no downside whatsoever to applicants finding out.

Allowances are often achieved, equating to 20%+ of the purchase price.

These allowances can come back to property owners in the form of a tax rebate, or as tax relief against future profits – depending on their circumstances.


For a successful claim, applicants will be charged, at either 5% or 7% of the amount of allowances achieved (amount differs whether client is an individual or company).

NOTE: This service is available for commercial properties only. Minimum original purchase price of £500,000. Applicable for only Freeholds or Long Leases.

Author: Aakash Nagrani - Director 

Aakash Nagrani Author
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