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Competitive Interest Rates

Up to 80% Loan to Value

No minimum term

Rebridging Loan

Not Yet Ready To Exit Into A Longer-Term Financing Solution?

When your bridging loan is nearing its end of term, but you're not ready to exit it through sale or a longer-term financing solution, we can offer fast refinancing and 're-bridge' your existing loan.

How We Can Help?

  • Arranging a new bridging loan to repay an existing facility

  • Arrange an extension of an existing facility

  • Repay existing bridging loan plus raise further funds

  • Assistance in sourcing a bridge when an existing bridging loan is already overdue or in default

Who Can Apply To Refinance Their Bridge Loan?

As long as your asset(s) are in the UK our residential bridging finance is open to both UK and foreign nationals including onshore and offshore borrowing vehicles.

So whether you are a trading limited company, an SPV or applying individually, as long as you are the legal property owner, or will be once the property transaction has completed, then we can obtain the funding you require without delay.

Lending Criteria

Loan to value (LTV): Up to 80% as a 1st charge

Charge: 1st charge

Loan term: Up to 36 months

Location: England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland

Loan amount: £25,000 to £25m

Interest options: Serviced, Retained, Rolled-up

Interest rates: from 0.49% per month

Decision: within 1 day

Completion: 10-14 working days

Exit strategy: sale or refinance

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