Second Charge Bridging Loan

Interest Rates from 0.8% per month

Up to 70% Loan to Value

No minimum term

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Our Key Features

We can help source and arrange second charge bridging solutions for UK clients looking to raise finance. 

  • Interest Rates from 0.59% per month

  • Loan starting from £75,000 

  • Up to 70% loan to value

  • England, Wales & mainland Scotland 

  • Term- 3 to 24 months

  • No early redemption fee

What topics do we cover below?

What Is A Second Charge Bridging Loan?

A second charge bridging loan is specifically designed to help borrowers with additional funding by securing funding against a property that already has existing borrowing against it from a different lender who has the first charge.  


After a 'second charge' is complete, there are two lenders with charges against the property

Accelerated Finance is able to source second charge bridging mortgages for both residential and commercial assets in the UK. 

Two Benefits of a Second Charge Bridging 

Here are two reasons why investors and developers opt for a second charge bridge loan

1.  When there are complex requirements 

Traditional High Street lenders in many cases have a tick-box criterion to which they adhere. 


Bridging Loans are more flexible, meaning they are individually tailored to your current situation. 


2.  Fast finance to utilise existing equity. 

Mainstream finance can sometimes take months to organise and release funds. The great benefit with second charge bridging finance is you can use your current asset without having to exit and pay fees to your existing lender. 

You will have the freedom to use the extra funds to raise for further property or pursue other business ventures. 

What are the main reasons for taking out a second charge bridge loan?

Three main reasons we see clients taking out a second charge bridge loan are:

  • Capital raise for further acquisitions

  • Raising funds to start refurbishment works on your investment property, or finish a project

  • Raising finance to start a new business venture, or expand a current company

Will I need to consult my first charge lender to apply for a second charge? 

Your first charge lender will need to provide permission for you to commence with your second charge bridging loan.


The solicitors working on the case will consult with your first charge lender to gain permission and allow us to find a solution that works for all parties involved.

Can I still apply for a second charge if I have bad credit/adverse credit?

Yes of course – we have access to lenders who can provide bespoke bridging loans on a case-by-case basis.

We work with specialist lenders who look at the whole picture and will take a view on the property, individual circumstances and exit strategy. 

Does a second charge hurt your credit score?

Getting a second mortgage on your property won’t hurt your credit score, as long as you keep up your monthly payments on both your original mortgage and your second mortgage.

How long does a second charge mortgage take?

Getting a second mortgage typically takes 2 – 4 weeks, assuming there are no issues with your application. For a full read on our mortgage process have a read here

Will Second Charge lenders ask for a deposit?

Like with a remortgage, you don’t need a cash deposit for a second charge. The lender simply lets you release equity on the exisiting property for the loan.


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