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Complex Hotel Bridging Finance Completed

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Client: UK Resident

Area: Shepherds Bush

Property Value: £2,500,000

Capital Raised: £819,000

Loan To Value: 33%

Loan Term: 12 months Interest Rate: 0.68%

The Scenario

We were approached by a family owning a chain of hotels in the West End to arrange an urgent bridge loan to exit one of their lenders due to a complex probate case.

The Solution

Very challenging indeed, as we had to chase the lawyers handling the probate to expedite approval so that it can be accepted by the lender and proceed to the loan completion.


By coming to Accelerated Finance, our clients benefited from considerable knowledge of the Bridging Finance industry. We work with a range of directly funded lenders on our panel that can act fast. All our bridging enquiries are handled on the same basis, speed, competitive rates and quick completion through legals.


This article is intended to provide a general understanding of the topic. The contents should not be treated as advice. Accelerated Finance Limited only considers applications for commercial or investment properties. Accelerated Finance Limited is not regulated by the financial conduct authority and only provides unregulated loans via our network of lenders. Your property is at risk if you fail to make payments on a Mortgage Contract. Please note that Accelerated Finance Limited and its employees do not give financial advice or recommendations on any product.

Author: Aakash Nagrani - Director 

Aakash Nagrani Author
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