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Mortgages For A Pub Business

Are you unsure of how to being the finance application but are interested in investing in a pub business?

Here we walk through the process step by step and what to anticipate from your mortgage lender.

The Following Topics Will Be Covered

How Do Lenders Calculate Eligibility For Pub Mortgages?

To show that the investment is a good one, mortgage lenders will need to know about your abilities, background, and business plan.

A Commercial Lender Will Typically Consider The Following:

  • The LTV ratio, or the amount you want to borrow versus the property's value.

  • Your credit history and rating.

  • Whether you have prior pub industry experience.

  • Assessing business profits and performance.

  • Where the business is based.

Do I Need A Minimum Number Of Years' Experience To Mortgage A Pub?

A mainstream lender prefers applications with at least two or three years of experience, though it is not necessary when working with an expert broker.

Start-ups and new businesses will also be taken into consideration by the specialist lenders we work with who are on our panel.

In some circumstances, you may not have previously owned a pub but instead have relevant experience in other hospitality-related fields, business management, or workforce management which will add strength to your application.

How Much Deposit Do I Need To Buy A Pub With A Mortgage?

Commercial mortgages typically require deposits between 30 to 45%, depending on the lender and client profile.

The application's level of risk will determine all of this, and you can change the deposit requirements by taking this into account:

  • Whether you are able to provide both a deposit and additional security.

  • If you require an owner-occupier mortgage with a 30- to 40% deposit requirement.

  • With deposits of roughly 30%, if you require a commercial investment mortgage.

Is There A Maximum Loan Amount For A Pub Business?

Commercial mortgages do not have a set maximum; instead, the lender will determine the maximum they are willing to lend by taking into account business profits and how strong the daily operations are.

To raise the value of your loan, you might occasionally be able to add additional income to the trading profits.

Proposed trade and earnings may also be taken into account by lenders through draft accounts.

Are Specialist Lenders Or High Street Banks Better To Finance A Pub?

Commercial mortgages are frequently more competitive with lenders who are knowledgeable about the industry and trading environment. In some cases lenders in the specialist sector also have more flexible products.

Does The Size Of The Pub Impact Eligibility Rules

Not particularly, as commercial mortgages are assessed on a case-by-case basis and are dependent on mainly the property, business performance, and client.

Can You Get A Investment Pub Mortgage With Adverse Credit Issues?

When there are adverse credit issues to take into consideration, mainstream lenders can frequently reject applications for commercial mortgages.

There are specialist lenders Accelerated Finance work with however who are more adaptable and will take into account the severity and timing of the credit issues.

It's important to bear in mind that any shareholders and directors may also be subject to credit checks and any poor credit ratings may potentially affect the lenders who will consider your application for a pub mortgage.

Author: Aakash Nagrani - Director 

Aakash Nagrani Author
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