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Octane Capital

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Specialist finance has been reimagined by Octane Capital. Brokers now have an unprecedented amount of flexibility thanks to its "product-less" short-term lending model, and its senior team, which has lent

billions of dollars over the past ten years has unmatched market experience.

In contrast to expecting brokers to conform to predetermined standards, Octane works with brokers from scratch to create customized loans for their clients. Additionally, it charges based on risk rather than a constrained LTV-based matrix.

They offer:

  • Maximum Loan to Value – 75%

  • £200,000 to £25,000,000

  • Options for Flexible interest

  • Short-term loans of periods up to and including 24 months

  • No exit Fees

  • Loans to Foreign nationals, adverse credit, first-time buyers, and first-time landlords accepted

  • Lending on residential, commercial, semi-commercial, and land with residential planning

  • Fast Decisions on Buy to Let loans within 24 hours



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