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Together Finance



Since its founding in 1974, Together Money has undergone numerous changes in the lending industry.

Currently, a specialized lender that provides secured loans, short-term finance, auction financing, and commercial and buy-to-let mortgages. The team's dedication to common sense lending has never wavered.

When its parent company, Blemain Finance, and Lancashire Mortgage Corporation combined all lending resources under a single brand in 2015, it became known as Together.

Prior to now, Cheshire Mortgage Corporation, Auction Finance, and Bridging Finance were among the various brands that provided residential and commercial loans.

Together now provides the same products. The new name was created with the intention of capturing how the company's staff interacts with its clients.

Together's main tenet is that each case is approached individually, which frequently results in quicker response times and has been a key contributor to the business' growth over the past 43 years.

The company always makes an effort to consider each customer's unique circumstances before attempting to determine whether there is any way to help, regardless of how complex the case may be.

Together aims to provide the financing required for customers to advance, move in, start something, and get on in a variety of situations.

Together collaborates with its clients, who could be investors, homebuyers, landlords, real estate professionals, small businesses, and a sizable network of intermediaries, including banks, brokers, attorneys, lawyers, accountants. Getting their clients the funding they require is the goal.

One of the North West of England's most prosperous and financially stable businesses is Together. It has 460 employees and a loan book worth more than £5 billion.

Together Provides:

Buy To Let

Bridging Loans

Development Finance


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